For Startups
Prepare and manage acceleration


Innovative offer valorisation

  • Identify customers/users benefits … and anticipate risks
  • Express and maximize the value proposal according to targeted markets
  • Be an ambassador of the digital trust : secure customers data and build sustainability
  • Collaborate and co-design with customers
  • Understand key-accounts mindset and posture when dealing with disruptive innovation


  • Challenge your project positioning in its competitive environment
  • Model your activity / configure your value chain in “growth mode”
  • Make the best use of “Blue Ocean” and “Lean Startup” strategies
  • Exploit the power of values and culture as the mortar of the company
  • Identify your strenghts/weaknesses and the key success factors to boost one’s development
  • Set your objectives and express your needs (BP, staffing, financing, partnerships …)


  • Talents, talents, talents !!! : structure your teams and your management
  • From prototype to packaged products/services
  • Organize and manage your activities in project mode
  • Identify levers and performance metrics
  • Manage your financial resources : Cash is King !
  • Get surrounded : understand and manage relationship with key stakeholders and partners (mentors, investors, administration, media, lawyers, …)
  • Assess growth options … in particular external ones

For mature Businesses 
Succeed in digital transformation


Sourcing and valuation of innovation

  • Open up new perspectives with cross-functional observation : “Innovation comes from the fringe”
  • Understand innovative ecosystems : incubators, accelerators, …
  • Understand startups : their stakes, their challenges, theirs needs, their (im)pertinence
  • Collaborate et co-construct with startups : Go beyond the customer-supplier schema !


  • Enforce a strategic diagnosis from a digital perspective (external and internal analysis)
  • Identify how to create value through digital  -> focus on usages !
  • Assess and sort options (relevancy, feasibility, acceptability)
  • Translate an ambition into a transformation master plan
  • [Key accounts specific] -> Break the walls and develop synergies thanks to the digital transformation



  • Implement the digital transformation : invite customers, associates, partners to join the journey
  • Structure an agile execution : small projects squadron vs huge fat programs !
  • Manage the change : from promises to usage adoption
  • Embed cybersecurity stakes : build the digital trust
  • Steer the transformation: keep on track with a strategic map (Balanced ScoreCard)

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